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The establishment of this Center originated from the “Five-year Project Implementation Plan and Amended Project for Enhancing Family Education and Promoting Social Harmony” approved by Executive Yuan in 1986, since then every county and city established the “Parenting Education Consulting Center” continuously in charge of consulting and promoting family education work.   “Parenting Education Consulting Center” of Taipei County was established in 1988, and the part of administrative personnel of which were concurrently acted by the personnel of Extension Division of Cultural Center, and the part of volunteer counseling staff was selected from teachers of public junior high schools and elementary schools initially. However, in consideration of the difficulty for basic establishments in promoting family education and parenting education, Ministry of Education deliberated. In order to increase the space for future planned businesses in every county/city and strengthen the active and aggressive action, the original “Parenting Education Consulting Center” set in every county/city was uniformly renamed as “Family Education Service Center” since May 1, 1990. In order to upgrade professional service and service quality, and effectively promote the family education work, Ministry of Education renamed “Family Education Service Center” to “Family Education Center” in 1999. Taipei County Government completed the legalization program of Family Education Center in 2004, and formally established “Taipei County Family Education Center” as a second-class agency on January 1, 2005; and it was formally named as “Taipei County Government Family Education Center” according to the provisions of Article 8 of the Organization Regulations of Taipei County Government Education Bureau in 2007. As long as Taipei County restructured as New Taipei City on December 25, 2010, it was formally named as “Family Education Center, New Taipei City Government“.




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